Monday, February 23, 2009


We used Happy Heiny's Pocket diapers and Bum Genius sized diapers over the weekend. My Hubby's favorite were the HH's. I like not having to put a cover over the diaper. I don't like pulling out the stuffing on the HH's. The BG's had stuffing sewn in and a pocket to put more inserts in if needed. I didn't add an insert so that was nice.
HH's are softer against my baby's skin and is a little wider in the crotch. Cute prints! The BG's are a trimmer fit though.

Friday, February 20, 2009

GM, KC and HH

I used some fitted diapers yesterday.
Good Mamas((GM) and Kissaluvs Contours(KC) (secured with a snappi fastener) with Thirsties Covers. No leaks BUT the fitted was soaked after 90 minutes of use.
Happy Heiny (HH) pocket diaper was fantastic! He was dry and the outside of the diaper was dry.
I used Thirsties Cloth Wipes and Diaper Lotion Potion Spray by Kissaluvs to clean him when I changed his diaper.
He LOVES wearing his Baby Legs! He waves his arms and legs and just coos away when he wears them. He usually is cold and needs a blanket to be happy but not when he wears his Baby Legs!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Know Your Diaper

Most people think of a Prefold when they thin cloth diaper
There are Chinese Prefolds and Indian Prefolds, Hemp flats etc. There are also contours.
They typically come in 3 sizes. These are the rectangular cloth diapers that need to be properly folded and secured with a pin or snappi.
Be sure to get a diaper cover to avoid leaks!

Then there are fitted diapers (they also need covers unless they are AIO all in one)
Fitted diapers have a contour shape a have a gathered (elastic) edges around the legs. You can secure these with snaps, velcro, aplix or touch tape. These can range from $22-$40
Here are some fitteds

AIO all in ones
They are fitted diapers that have an outer waterproof layer. (PUL) Often they have fewer absorbent layers than their counterparts. These diapers tend to be used when you go out. They are not practical for daily use since frequent washing and drying reduces the effectiveness of the waterproof outer layer. Here are some AIO AKA Mutts

Pocket Diapers
Pocket Diapers Pocket diapers are two piece diapering system typically with a piece of fleece that makes up the inner portion of fabric and a waterproof layer that makes up the outermost portion. An absorbent material is stuffed inside of the two pieces making it an all in one. These are quick drying as they are washed and dried as separate pieces. If you have a heavy wetter you can add more stuffing. Happy Heiny's are pocket diapers These are also one size diapers, not all HH's are one size.

One Size Diapers
These are designed to fit a newborn until they learn to use the potty. The snaps are located just below the fasteners with tops and bottoms lined up vertically. This allows you to adjust the size of a diaper as the baby grows. This feature of fitted or pocket diapers allows you to purchase fewer sizes. You have seen some already in the Good Mama and Happy Heiny so I'll show you a Bum Genius One Size All In One

Diaper Cover
Just like the name says. It covers your diaper. It is the water proof barrier that protects the world from what is inside the diaper.

Wool and Fleece are popular choices. Wool and polar fleece are water resistant, rather than waterproof. They do allow some wetness to wick through from the diaper but still manage to keep babies' clothes dry. The wool has a different way to be cared for rather than being thrown in the wash.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jen's World

My name is Jen, I have been married for 10 years to my husband Max.
We have 3 beautiful sons. E is 7, J is 3 and C is 2 months old.
I am a stay at home, breast-feeding, cloth diapering mom.
I just started cloth diapering so my first few blogs will be comparing the different cloth diapers out there. It is an interesting and wildly different arena in the world of cloth diapering so you will get my perspective and hopefully pictures!