Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Science Experiment that was Done

Cloth diaper temperatures and a Disposable

4 days in a row the afternoon temp reach almost 90*, each day we tried different diapering combos. Here are his results:

After 15 minutes outside, temp inside the diaper:

Disposables 102.5*
Fuzzi Bunz 101.5*
Fleece pocket 100*
fitted with fleece shorts 98.5
pinned prefold with fleece shorts 97*
fitted with wool shorts 96*
pinned prefold with wool shorts 95.5*
just a fitted 95*
just a pinned prefold 94*

I think that if we are outside we will try to go without a cover in a fitted or contoured (like a prefold) as much as possible!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz

I want MORE of these!
It has snaps (my preference) and my hubby likes them too! Easy to figure out (DH's preference)
No cover needed (both of us) Trim fitting (me)
They are pocket diapers so you can hand the outer shell to dry and throw the inserts in the dryer or hang them. NO LEAKS!!! Adjustable thigh snap for my baby's BIG thighs.
My Hubby has decided BumGenius AIOs are his favorite now followed by Sposoeasy and Fuzzi Bunz
I like the color selection and soon they will come in polka dots! LOL!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Patooshie Pants

Great Diaper! It is like a mix between a Good Mama and a Muttaqin. Super absorbant diaper, I am very impressed. (It is a Toddler size diaper!)
My Mom in Law (I love her!) gifted us with some Fuzzi Bunz (and a HH) so we will be trying those soon!!!
If you click on the picture of him in the Patooshie Pants it will show you a full view.

Patooshie Pants

Patooshie Pants