Saturday, April 11, 2009


A fantastic trim diaper! My little man could probably easily fit into a medium. I ordered him a large and we have been using it in our diaper rotation for about a month now. It is an AIO with quick dry flaps made of cotton. I love the hide a tab for the aplix! No diaper chain of all the aplix (velcro) tabs sticking diaper to diaper!! I want the 5 pack now!! They dry so much faster than micro fiber AIOs!
My husband even likes these, so you know they are simple to use. I read so much about micro fiber diapers getting stink. We have not had that yet but my baby is exclusively breastfed right now so we'll find out soon enough. I am told you won't get stink with Sposoeasy because they are cotton diapers.
I'd like to try their other diapers too.

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