Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fleece Covers

When you can't afford to indulge your wool obsession it is time to look into affordable alternatives. Fleece to the rescue!!! It is amazing how undervalued it is! You can wash it daily with any laundry and not worry about it, it doesn't need to be shaved, I've never had to worry about the colors bleeding or anything else.
My favorite day fleece is Monster Fluff Studio. His little soakers and shorts are adorable. They were customs for his thighs and fit beautifully. I have had no leaks! Sadly they didn't work overnight for us.
Night Fleece Dancing Bears! Caleb goes above and beyond the term super soaker at night. He also is a mover and a shaker, he sleeps on his back, side, tummy and somewhere in between. Dancing Bears allow him to do his acrobatics and still keep his pajamas and sheet DRY! I just got his new Harry Potter Dancing Bear cover in and LOVE it.
Fleece covers are a true work horse and can also be cute!

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